Halffull Studios is introducing "Breakdown: Zombies"

Experience our first mobile video game in the role of John, killing to survive on exciting missions!

Clean and Responsive

Our games are impressively polished when it comes to their cleanliness and responsiveness!

Aim for memory

We always strive to make a mark. We live for being memorable.

Flawless Design

Our aim is to create pristine artwork that goes hand-in-hand with our games!

Free Stuff!

We like to offer goodies so keep checking our games regularly for the opportunity of winning free stuff!


Our coders pass their hours making our games work accordingly to your expectations.

Cinematic Displays

We will forever sustain the idea that without great cinematic scenes there is no story, and without a story there is no game.

We Are Reachable

Since you are our number 1 concern, we will try to accommodate to your personal requests, contact us!

Totally Free!

Our main focus is to create great games that everyone has access to and as such our priority is to create and not to sell.

Our Projects

Below you are able to see our featured games. These are the ones that have caused an meaningfull impact on the mobile market and the ones we have considered to be your favourite ones.

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Ranking System!

Level up and unlock awesome features while you progress!

Record keeping!

Fight for better stats while constantly trying to overcome your friends high scores!


Love seeing stuff flying while you shoot? Well, we offer that!

Sharable Progress!

Just beat your friend's high score? Rub it on his face and make him envy you!


Like seeing new stuff and explore new envoirements? Then we got what you want!

Tons of Zombies!

Like seriously, we got tons of zombies for you to kill...like...tons!

Gameplay features

Want to see what is so special about Breakdown: Zombies?


Just got yourself a new phone and want to try it out? Why not brand it with a fresh splash of zombie blood?


Do you have that bug that forces you to surpass yourself or your friends? We are round based! There's nothing more satisfactory than that!

Elemental guns!

Want to get yourself some crispy zombies? We offer a fine selection of instruments to make that happen!


Do you like running for your life? Hate beeing the sheep in a world full of wolfs? Well, we got zombies to deal with that.

About us!


Filipe Rodrigues



Paulo Varela



Pedro Varela

Coding Head Developer


Micael Gomes

Sound Head Developer


Fábio Villaça

Sound Developer


Hugo Negrelli

Sound Producer

Get in Touch

Have feedback, suggestions, or any thought about our app? Feel free to contact us anytime, we will try to get back to you in 24 hours.